NanoPDF is a program to calculate diffraction patterns and Pair Distribution Functions of nanocrystals and analyze experimental PDF data.

Recent 64bit version The package consists of binary files and the source code of: NanoPDF64.exe and diffdatafit.exe. Some auxiliary files are included too.

Unpack to a directory of your choice and set-up the paths in Options->Settings.
Caution: temporary directory must be user-writable otherwice RasTop will fail silently!
The fitting application is named diffdatafit.exe and comes inside the zip.

Quick start guide Calculate diffraction pattern and G(r)

Fitting procedure example 1 Fitting entire G(r) at once

Fitting procedure example 2 Scanning experimental G(r)

Fitting procedure example 3 Calculating G(r) for core-shell model and analyzing it.

Manual version Oct 20, 2016

The program is under continous developement.
If you like it come back from time to time to check for new versions.

Most recent version. Currently of Feb 2019
This just an executable. Rename the one you already have and place this one in the same directory.
Includes some bug fixes as well as some new features which are, however not documented. Sorry for that!

Some posters on using NanoPDF:
MRS 2013 San Francisco
EPDIC14 2014 Denmark
EPDIC14 2014 Denmark
ECM29 2015 Croatia
ECM29 2015 Croatia

Last 32bit version. 3 years old. Features are limited. GUI does not display correctly in Vista\W7\W8\W10. Buggy. Do not use it unless you are really desperate!

Get RasTop here:

Get RasMol here: and rename the executable to rastop.exe

Last update: Dec 21, 2016