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Our group specializes in high pressure and low temperature studies of semiconductor light emitters: LEDs and laser diodes, with several aims:

  1. Wide-range tuning of emission wavelength
  2. Characterization of laser diodes using pressure and temperature.
  3. Studies of InGaN/GaN structures by means of photocurrent and photoluminescence.
  4. Developing laser sources for medical applications (see the page Medical Lasers)


We use liquid pressure cells up to 2GPa (20kbar) and cooling systems down to -190°C. This enables us to obtain wide tuning ranges for most available laser diodes, as explained in Background.

Our experimental methods and results are outlined in Methods and Results.

We acknowledge the financial support listed in Funding.

Our recent papers are listed in Publications.

In the recent years we also developed a collaboration with a few medical groups where we supplied the laser sources for clinical laser therapy and for in vitro studies of light-tissue interaction. This is described in a presentation Laser Sources for Medicine.