Optoelectronic Devices Laboratory

Optoelectronic Devices Laboratory (ODL) focuses its attention on the physics, development and characterization of nitride-semiconductors based optoelectronic devices. Nitride AlInGaN materials built most of commonly used semiconductor light emitters. We meet them in blue, green, UV light emitting diodes, in white LED light bulbs, in backlighting systems in our TV sets and laptops.

ODL team works primarily on the development of various types of visible and UV light laser diodes, high power laser diodes arrays, superluminescent diodes.

ODL has almost 600 m2 of cleanroom facility, enabling fabrication and characterization of all type of optoelectronic devices.

We, equally intensively, try to understand the physics of nitride quantum structures, in particular the nature of radiative and nonradiative recombination in these materials as well as the physics of degradation processes.