dr Henryk Turski

Henryk Turski graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Warsaw University in 2010. In 2015 he defended PhD thesis entitled "Growth mechanism of indium-gallium nitride grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy". His PhD was supervised by prof. Czesław Skierbiszewski at the Institute of High Pressure PAS (text is available HERE). From 2012 to 2014 he was the National Science Center project leader "Microscopic mechanism of InGaN layers growth and its effect on composition fluctuations". He is currently a laureate of the LIDER grant and working on the project "Electric field and p-type doping engineering in InGaN/InGaN heterostructuctures fabricated by molecular beam-plasma epitaxy - development of green nitride diodes". Henryk Turski is a co-author of more than 40 publications in the field of physics. He recently served as a PostDoc at Cornell University in the United States.
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