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New team members of MBE lab

01.09.2018 Congratulations to Gdańsk University of Technology students who joined the research teams of TEAM-TECH and POWROTY projects of Foundation for Polish Science. Mikołaj Chlipała and Julia Sławińska work in TEAM-TECH "Tunnel junction and its applications for GaN based optoelectronics" - leaded by prof. dr hab. Czesław Skierbiszewski. Natalia Fiuczek works in POWROTY project "Development of high quality InAlN - the road to strain-free nitride lasers" - leaded by dr inż. Marta Sawicka.

Dr Grzegorz Muzioł is granted a LIDER project

13.08.2018 National Center for Research and Development granted LIDER project to dr inż Grzegorz Muzioł from MBE laboratory. He will develop distributed feedback laser diodes (DFB LDs) on GaN.

Dr Henryk Turski among the grant winners of HOMING programme

Foundation for Polish Science has announced the results of fifth competitions in HOMING and REINTEGRATION programmes. Dr Henryk Turski from MBE Laboratory is among the grant winners of HOMING programme with his project "Polarity engineering in nitride heterostructures". CONGRATULATIONS!

Gdańsk University of Technology is a partner of TEAM-TECH project

Institute of High Pressure Physics and Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, represented by professor Wojciech Sadowski, start the partnership in TEAM-TECH project.

Public defense of Mateusz Hajdel MSc thesis

16.07.2018 Congratulation to Mateusz Hajdel on an excellent defense of his MSc thesis (with honors). Mateusz Hajdel is a laureate of the Fundation for Polish Science scholarship and a team member of TEAM-TECH project.

Dr. inż. Marta Sawicka a laureate of POWROTY 4/2017 programme

Foundation for Polish Science has announced results of fourth competitions in HOMING and POWROTY programmes. One of the laureates of POWROTY 4/2017 programme is our Team member dr inż. Marta Sawicka
Her project Development of high quality InAlN - the road to strain-free nitride lasers is aimed to understand microscopic growth mechanism and finding optimal growth conditions for high quality InAlN composed of 83% Al and 17%In, that is lattice matched to GaN. Obtaining high quality InAlN by PAMBE will be crucial for enhancing parameters of currently developed edge emitting lasers and will allow manufacturing of surface emitting diodes (VCSELs),currently not available on the market.
Project will be carried in collaboration with Prof. E. Calleja's group from Technical University of Madrid theoretical physicists group of Prof. M. Załuska-Kotur from Institute of Physics PAS. Results will be tested on laser diode structures prepared together with TopGaN.